Rhino Coffee Gear - barista towells

1 x coffee towel (BROWN)

2 x towels for the steam nozzle (BLUE)

1 x multi-purpose cleaning cloth (BLACK)

The Barista towel set was developed to help with the cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines in a commercial environment and is also suitable for home use.

Using a unique blend of polyamide and polyester, these special heavy duty wipes do a fantastic job of keeping your coffee machine clean and ready to make quality coffee.

Steam nozzle cloth: It is important to have a separate cloth for the steam nozzle. Best used, a damp cloth for the steam nozzle allows quick and easy removal of milk residues. It has a huge capacity and is large enough to be folded several times for maximum use. Dimensions 200 mm x 200 mm 

Belt Clip Coffee Cloth: This durable microfiber cloth has been designed to quickly and easily remove coffee grounds from group handles and related machine parts. This generous knee length cloth along with a "belt clip" makes keeping your machine in A1 condition a breeze. Dimensions 310 mm x 600 mm 

Multi-Purpose Towel: This multi-purpose towel is designed to last, last and get rid of your old disposable towel and sponge. Ideal for cleaning and polishing coffee machines. Dimensions 310 mm x 310 mm 

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