Do you want to regularly receive your favorite coffee at home or in the office and you do not want to think that you should place a new order? You can have your coffee with 10% discount and not even think about it.

You choose:

  • Your favorite coffee, or just the type of roasting (in which case we'll pick coffee for you)
  • amount of coffee (from one 250g package per month)
  • the interval at which you want to receive coffee,
  • the period for which you want to activate the subscription (the shortest period is 3 months),
  • you can change or suspend your subscription. 

In the contact form, write me your address and especially your phone number, Eva will call you and arrange the details with you. 

You get a 10% discount on coffee. A discount applies to transport costs according to the rules valid in the e-shop - the higher the order, the cheaper the transport.

You pay the subscription by bank transfer (you can agreed with Eva on other payment terms which better suits you) and delivery can begin.