EL RUBI PAPAYO specialty coffee



Variety PAPAYO

Process HONEY

Cupp Score 87.75

Cup profile

Sweet pear, black lemon tea, kiwi

This coffee from Finca El Rubi comes from the Acevedo region of Huila where Heiner Lazo has been farming coffee for many years. He first came to own El Rubi after acquiring it 25 years ago with his wife Johanna. The farm is named El Rubi by the previous owner who named it this after the precious jewel as it was a present for her when they married many year ago. Heiner and Johanna now see it as their precious ruby.El Rubi for many years has been grown with caturra, colombia and castillo but in teh ore recent years they have decided to start experimenting with more exoitic varietals. On the farm they have a variety called papayo (named after the papaya fruit), Sl 28 and also 7,500 pink bourbon trees which they started to plant 3 and a half years ago. Heiner and Johanna are also experimenting with processing and are working with temperature controlled fermentation and anaerobic fermentation. Heiner takes great care in the selection of this coffee ensuring it is collected at the optimum point of ripeness before then being pulped and dry fermented over night. After this the coffee is then sun dried for between 7 -10 days depending on the weather down to between 10-11 % moisture.

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