Adrián Krišák

Algorithm of filtered coffee - Adrián Krišák

The trilogy, which is considered in professional circles to be the bible of a professional barista, has received its last work. Immerse yourself in the real world of baristics, in which no one dares to say that they understand him best. 

The algorithm of filtered coffee is the first book of its kind in the Slovak language, which shows the reader possible solutions in the form of diagrams, and each of them implements the algorithm with their steps in the preparation of coffee. 

Did you want to see how the individual parameters relate to each other? Learn why your coffee tastes the way it tastes and improve its preparation to the level of a professional barista.
Number of pages: 90
Illustrations: Nikoleta Gajarová
Editor: Marián Psár
ISBN: 978-80-570-3352-3

EAN: 9788057033523

First edition
Binding: paperback
Year of publication: 2021
Language: Slovak 

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