Rogelio Espinosa Geisha specialty coffee

Roast level:

Algeciras, Huila, COLOMBIA

Cupping score 88

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Variety: Geisha

Altitude: 1400

Pharmacy: Finca La Bonita

Flavor profile

Licorice, caramel, candied orange, dried fig, honey, lime


Rogelio and Leidy Johanna Espinosa grow Java and Geisha varieties at Finca La Bonita. Since they bought the farm, they have invested in growing and processing high quality coffees, including Anaerobic Naturals like this one.

They named the farm Finca La Bonita, which is Spanish for "pretty", after the spectacular views you can see from the farm's flat, picturesque grounds. Rogelio says you can't find a nicer place to work than Finca La Bonita.

Hired pickers selectively pick ripe red cherries by hand and deliver them to their processing station. Pickers are advised to pick only ripe cherries, the cherries are again carefully sorted upon receipt so that less than 1% of processed cherries are unripe. After picking, the cherry is placed in sealed plastic bags and fermented for 100 hours. After fermentation, the cherry is spread out on raised beds to dry in the sun. Cherries are often raked to ensure even drying. Drying cherries takes about 12 days.


What is the difference between roasting you can read here.


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