Coffee Blog reviewers "blow the lid off" Coffia

We are very happy that our coffee was also included in the review of the Coffee Blog. In the competition of several excellent Slovak roasteries, it finally made its mark and came out on top review ranking. We are talking specifically about Costa Rica Las Lajas Milenio Honey coffee.

We first contacted the editors of by text and phone and sent them several coffees for tasting. Ladislav Király and his colleagues, baristas Filip Lörinc and Gabriela Drenkova, tasted the mentioned Costa Rica and three Colombian coffees Anserma, El Rubi Papayo and Rogelio Espinosa Geisha.

They decided to review Las Lajas Milenio Honey. We had the most of it in stock at that moment, it was around 400 kilos of green coffee beans. As they wrote themselves, this coffee "blows the lid off" for them, but they say that the other three pieces would also score very similarly. We were very pleased at Coffia.

From the review we select:


It was already clear at first glance that this is a modern selection of espresso. The roast could be classified among the lighter ones on the scale of espresso roasts. The grains were relatively uniform in shape and size. We did not find any defective pieces among them.


Tremendous. We received several coffees from the Coffia roaster, and each one stood out with its "aromaticity". However, the aroma of this Costa Rica still stood out a little among other coffees. The aroma of coffee is extremely sweet. The first thing we smelled was delicate flowers, alternating with sweet chocolate pralines.


Costa Rica Las Lajas Milenio stood out with its sweetness at every temperature level. When hot, it tasted like rum pralines, when warm, like violets and cherry pralines, and when cold, the coffee was dominated by violets together with cherries. We found a very pleasant acidity of cherries in the taste, the body seemed creamy and the aftertaste was endlessly long, sweet and floral.



We started setting up the espresso machine with huge expectations. Until now, coffee has set the bar very high in every parameter. And finally, it's true that she definitely didn't get it on the espresso. We can honestly say that we haven't had better espresso in a long time.

Our final recipe was 40 grams of espresso made from 18 grams of coffee in 25 seconds. The espresso prepared in this way was complex, super-sweet, floral and praline-like. As it cooled, red wine appeared in the taste, and the aftertaste of the coffee was incredibly long, fruity and floral. The body of the coffee was beautifully creamy and the acidity was soft, not sharp.

Overall rating

Costa Rica Las Lajas Milenio blew us away. We can say with a clear conscience that we have not had a better espresso roast in reviews so far. It is a beautifully balanced modern espresso full of pleasant flavors. Really high coffee league. Needless to say, definitely try the coffee.

The professional baristas themselves gave our coffee 23.5 points out of 25 possible (aroma 5 - acidity 4.5 - body 4.5 - aftertaste 4.5 - overall impression 5). After adding up the points in the other evaluated categories, Costa Rica Las Lajas Milenio reached a total of 45 points.

For the full review, with lots of other interesting information, check out the article titled "Coffie's Las Lajas Costa Rica Review: This blew our minds" on the website


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