How to chose the correct coffee

I want you to like me.     

I'm Coffia, a select coffee specialty. My roaster chooses me from the best grains and departures that nature has given us this year. They appreciate the work of growers and therefore they let me keep as many natural aromas and flavors as possible.

They only dress me in translucent fine-roasting clothes for FILTER. You may not know me like this yet, but then my aroma and taste will be at its maximum. I retain control of natural fruit scents and acids. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on the terrarium, I come from. If you treat me well in preparation, I will reward you with an amazing comprehensive experience.

I also want you to like me as ESPRESSO. The third wave brought a different perspective. Exceptional green grains hide a number of wonderful aromas and flavors. The darker they roast me, the less significant they are. Although this dress is a bit richer, it still does not obscure my natural beauty. When preparing for espresso, the acidity is greatly enhanced. However, too much acidity could be disruptive. Therefore, my roaster decided that he would rather sacrifice a little of the smells and tastes, but present me as more balanced. If you want to get to know me, even if you don't have much experience with the "third wave", taste me as the "flat white". Milk suppresses acids, but leaves aromas and flavors. By the way, my roaster likes this very much, he likes to enjoy me as espresso.

I want you to like me, even if quick changes aren't your style and you're still looking at the "third wave" a little distrustfully. Try me as OLD SCHOOL ESPRESSO. This is how I am the darkest and the most bitter. But be careful. My roaster will never put a long heavy black coat on me, under which no one will recognize me. He cares that my natural aromas and tastes are not completely lost in the bitter of frying, almost burnt coffee. It is important to him not to destroy the effort put into me by the hands of my growers. Because taking care of selective, often delicate varieties of coffee is always the hardest way. However, only the best species have the potential for light roasting later.

Krivky Arómy Acidity a Horkosti v závislosti od dĺžky praženia

Maybe you are currently looking at your traditional bitter coffee a little differently and maybe you will discover the charm in my lighter forms as well. Because the closer I am to what nature has put into me, the richer and more fragrant and the more I can please you.

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