Diego Samuel Bermudez - Competition specialty coffee

Roast level:

Roast level is OmniRoast, which means it is very good for alternate coffee preparation, but also for modern espresso. 

We hat some lots from Diego last year and we were blown away so much, that we just had to have this years coffee too. And here she is. 

 Diego Samuel is 34 years old and was born in Bolivar, Colombia. For the last 13 years he has been engaged in coffee cultivation, but especially with a detailed and deep knowledge of the processing and production of high-end specialty coffee, which is almost unparalleled in unique flavors. 

Taste profile

Apricot, peach, baked apple with brown sugar, lychee and a delicate floral finish


Farm Finca El Paraiso Villa Esperanza is located at 1700 meters above sea level and has an area of 27ha. Castillo, Colombia, Caturra and Geisha are grown on it. The farm is focused on modern technologies and critical processes in coffee production. 

Diego and his brothers and wife built a coffee lab on the farm so they could roast and taste the samples and then tune their fermentation process. 

Our lots are of variety Castle. This lot was processed by two-phase fermentation:

In the first phase, the anaerobic fermentation of the coffee cherry takes place for 48 hours in vessels with a vent valve at 18 degrees Celsius. 

This is followed by pulping, a process in which the grains are separated from the pulp of the cherry. 

In the second phase - anaerobic fermentation for 96 hours at 18 degrees. 

Subsequently, the grains are washed in a shock manner. First in 40 degree water and then in 12 degree water. 

Drying takes place in a controlled environment for 34 hours at 35 degrees Celsius and 25% relative humidity. Grain moisture of 10-11% is achieved. The drying process takes place in an eco-enigma condensing machine. 



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